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Sunday 18th October

1 Thessalonians 1

We share with you a prayer of lament written in response to the

killing in America of George Floyd:

Lord, how long?
From the depths of our soul we cry,
How long?
From generation to generation
your children have suffered.
How long?
Our pain is great.

How long, Lord?
Day and night we cry out to you,
How long do we see our loved ones crushed
under the yoke of hate and injustice?
Weighed down by societies institutional bias.

God, you are the God of all,
From before the beginning of time
you are sovereign God.
Your mercy endures from everlasting to everlasting.
Show us your hand of mercy
at this time, in this generation.

Let your power be manifest throughout your earth,
Heal your lands,
Heal all minds,
Heal all hearts.
For it is only you, our God,
who can create a new heart
and a spirit of love and compassion
in those hearts that are as stone.

Lord, order our steps,
May we all march in one accord.
Move through us by your might,
For you are the power and the glory.

So, in our struggle,
We will still praise you,
We will still lift our hands in prayer towards you,
We will do your will,
Whilst we wait on you.

For we know you are with us in the storm
And that healing, peace and joy
Will come in the morning.

May each of you indeed know of His calming presence in whatever storms you are facing right now.

"I was struck by this song on YouTube, "Lean on Me", sung by one of the Elders at Billericay URC"

- Rev Paul Ellis

Living God,
in unusual times, remind us that You often want to surprise us with new calls, new visions, and new opportunities. Help us to listen for what You are saying. Remind us that we often miss out because we did not notice what You were saying. As we continue to struggle through our locked down state, help us to begin to catch glimpses of that ‘new normal’ that everyone keeps talking about; and show us how we can be Your light and offer Your love in changed and changing circumstances. For Your love’s sake we ask it. Amen.
Services resume from Sunday 5th July 
We will re-open for worship at 10.30am on Sunday 5th July, with social distancing and other safety measures (but no creche or children’s groups).
All are welcome to join us.
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