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Sunday 31st May



God, our rock and shield, we pray for our land,

and all nations and places in our world, as
many endure the effects of the illness Covid-19 and the Coronavirus pandemic.
For those who are ill, grant healing;
for those who mourn the death of loved ones, bring comfort;
for those who care for the sick, grant strength and endurance;
for those who are isolated or whose livelihoods are threatened, give courage and hope;
for all who take difficult decisions, from governments to health practitioners, give wisdom
and compassion to accompany the knowledge and experience that they bring.
Deliver us from this disease, we pray, and enable all nations and communities to grow in
collaboration and unity as we face this challenge together.
Grant a legacy of enduring common purpose in facing all that threatens our global
common good.
We pray in Jesus' name, in the unity of the Spirit, Amen.

With deep regret, due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have had to close our premises until further notice.

Our Prayer Chapel remains open for private prayer with no more than two people in there at any one time, sitting as far apart as possible.


In the meantime you can follow us on Facebook or Twitter or sign up for our email list. If you wish to join the email list please contact Jean at Jean.HSUC@btinternet.com

You can also follow Daily Devotions from the URC, including a service on Sundays, at https://devotions.urc.org.uk/

"I was struck by this song on YouTube, "Lean on Me", sung by one of the Elders at Billericay URC"

- Rev Paul Ellis

Living God,
in unusual times, remind us that You often want to surprise us with new calls, new visions, and new opportunities. Help us to listen for what You are saying. Remind us that we often miss out because we did not notice what You were saying. As we continue to struggle through our locked down state, help us to begin to catch glimpses of that ‘new normal’ that everyone keeps talking about; and show us how we can be Your light and offer Your love in changed and changing circumstances. For Your love’s sake we ask it. Amen.
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