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Welcome to

The Union Church


Welcome to the Union Church
We are open for Sunday worship at 10.30am every week
All our services are led by our minister: Rev Alex Newens, unless otherwise stated.

Sunday 14 April    Morning Worship led by Rev Vikki Bunce
Theme: Who is sharing the table with you?
      We stream our morning worship to watch live or at a later time to suit you.
To view our services please go to our page on YouTube
 and the live/latest service will be at the top of the page.

We have lots of exciting events in May, visit our Upcoming Events page for more details
The Prayer Chapel at the bottom of the church tower is open daily for private prayer
from 8:30am 'till dusk Monday - Saturday. On Tuesday mornings 09:30-10:00 our minister, Alex Newens, is in the Prayer Chapel to pray with, or for, you.

Sermon Sunday  14 April

Watch the video of Sunday's sermon and then meditate on these questions

Are you a naturally trusting or sceptical person? What are the advantages & dangers of your disposition?

Do you doubt the reality of Christ and His resurrection? If so, what are your doubts?

To what extent does the experience of others give you confidence in Christ?

Are you on the ‘borders of things’? What would it take for you to firmly believe? 

Believe: When Jesus Meets Us In Our Doubt

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